Frequently Asked Questions

When should I order my cake?

At least 1 month prior to your event, Wedding cakes: 3 to 6 months prior. The earlier you order, the better chance your date will be available.

Do you deliver?

Yes, if assembly is required, the cake must be delivered- this includes wedding cakes and cakes that are too large to move as one piece. Pickup is preferred but if you'd like a cake to be delivered, we charge a $15 fee if it is further than 30 miles from us.

When do you need payment?

To be safe, we need 50% of your payment up front to make sure you're serious. then the rest can be made on your event date.

What about tastings?

Tastings are free with large orders of 100+ servings, otherwise we charge a $15 fee for sampling a few cakes.

Why are your cakes more expensive than store bought cakes?

Our cakes are custom ordered and designed specifically for you! Each is made with the needs of one person in mind and the time and care put into each creation can't be matched. Chain stores don't offer a customizable option.